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The Castle Window
Below is a description & illustation of the process of creating the Castle Window.  Hopefully you can get an appreciation for all the steps involved and the many iterations the window goes through.  The commission was for an entry-way window for a home in a golf-course community located in Greencastle, Pennsylvania.

Green Castle Image
Greencastle, Pa. is named for the town Greencastle, Ireland.

Research was conducted on the actual castle in Greencastle Ireland. 
Green Castle Color

For inspiration, historic windows with either a castle or knights in armor motif were looked at.  The shape and scale of the finished window would be similar to the example at right.  The homeowner was interested in a simplified border of primary colors that surrounded a central image.
Example Window

Castle Pencil Drawing
A pencil sketch was produced.

Border ideas were looked at...
Border Designs

A number of design changes played with the scale of the images, the placement of a golf green, and the direction of the flags.

Early Design
Late Design

Mounting Frame

The window needed to be produced in six sections.  The overall dimensions called for six feet by four feet.  When individual sections begin to exceed three square feet, re-enforcement is typically needed.

The design was appropriately scaled and placed into a mounting frame.  The frame provided a way of securely mounting the finished window.  It also assured that as each panel was constructed in the studio, it would fit the finished opening.

Assembling pieces

A giant jigsaw puzzle, each piece of glass is cut and fitted to the design.  Once a panel is complete, it's soldered and the next section begun.

Assembled Section

Finished panels are installed into the mounting frame.

Window Installation
Window Install

Finished Install

     The completed window.

Finsihed Install

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