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Stained Glass Gallery
Stained Glass can be custom ordered.  Some finished pieces are available for retail at selected shows.  Below is a Gallery of some in-progress, and finished pieces.
Prairie Wheat Panel

Also visible on the main page, this prairie inspired piece stands about 20 inches high.

Wheat Panel in-work
A transom created for an 1820's farmhouse renovation project.  Approximately 30 inches wide.


Humming Bird Humming Bird
Here are two views of the same panel, created for a front door insert.  The second has light behind the panel.  Stained Glass can look quite different between reflected and refracted light.  As such, how a window will look at night (from inside the house) will be different than during the day.

An oval panel of three tulips mounted in a wooden frame.  Approximately 22 inches in diameter.
Three Tulips

Blue Heron
A little bit like paint by numbers, this Blue Heron was created out of many, many pieces.  When estimating the cost of a piece, it's  a combination of size, type of glass, and the number of pieces.
Blue Heron in-work

Christmas Ducks
A special Christmas project.  The entire wreath is about 12 inches diameter.  The holly berries were especially challenging.

A couple of whimsical frogs.
Frog One
Frog Two

Butterfly Butterfly panel, approximately 24 inches high.

A larger, multi-panel project.  This castle window is six feet tall.  A virtual scrapbook of the construction of this window is available here.
Castle Window

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