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Everything at Earthen Arts is done by hand.  Kathryn is the potter, and Glenn is the Stained Glass artist.  Earthen Arts began in 1997 with a potter's wheel and some clay.  Originally located in Colorado Springs, Earthen Arts moved to it's current location in Anne Arundel County, Maryland in early 2002.

As the business has grown, so has the studio.  With multiple wheels, kilns, grinders, equipment trailers, and other assorted tools of the trades, we're always scrambling to find room for everything!  We have many loyal patrons who drop by to pick up last minute gifts, or request specialized dimensions, colors, or other personalization.  If you're going to find yourself in Anne Arundel County, drop us a line.  We'd love to have you visit us!
 Are those real leaves?

Every person who sees Earthen Arts pottery for the first time, asks the same question, "Are those real leaves?"

The answer is Yes!  Or perhaps more accurately...
...they were!
Harvest Leaf Trivet
Inwork Leaf Pitchers

We handcraft each piece using real leaves.  Throughout the Spring, Summer, and early Fall, we pick leaves in a variety of sizes.  We try to  get them before too many bugs begin to eat holes in them!  We sort them by size and put them in the freezer.  This way, they'll be available even in the Winter.  When we need them, we just thaw them out.

Of course, the leaves burn away in the kiln...but they leave a fossilized imprint.  We  bring back the veins by handpainting the imprint with iron oxide.

For colored leaves we use specially mixed under-glazes.
Leaf Paint
Leaf Paint

Here you can see a lidded casserole going through the various stages.

Raw Pot
Bisque Pot
Finished Pot

Leaf Cannisters

  Various other techniques are used, such as water etching, to give each piece that unique Earthen Arts look.  Every piece is different, and uses unique leaves.  Each one is a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind piece of work, that's always functional & food safe!

Click the video for a throwing demonstration!

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